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Interventional Cervical Spine Care Service

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Out of pocket fees for consultations and other services can vary due to a number of factors including:

  • Whether this is your first appointment or a follow up – follow up consultations have reduced out of pocket costs.
  • The complexity of your health issues.
  • The level of your private health insurance with respect to in-hospital services we provide for interventional cervical spine care. Private health insurance in Australia does not contribute or subsidise out of hospital expenses such as a rheumatologist consultation in rooms.
You can reduce your out of pocket fees by ensuring you have:
  • A valid referral from your GP or other specialist.
  • A valid Medicare or DVA card.
We value education at The Arthritis Rheum and that includes informed financial consent for our patients. The below links help shed light on how your fees are determined and the contributions of Medicare and private health funds to recover some of the costs of your health care. We always recommend calling to speak with one of our staff to determine which of our set fees is appropriate for your circumstances.